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speakertomgrs's Journal

Professional software engineer, amateur photographer, occasional poet and artist. The software I write right now, goes into the control systems of pipe organs (many of which don't have pipes these days), my specialty, that I hope to get back to, is distributed object systems. I've been a soldier, a peace-marcher, an assembly-line worker, a video studio technician, and an apprentice integrated circuit designer. I've worked in a medical school, a large electronics company, and several high-tech startups. All of that is part of who I am; none of it is central.

At the core, I'm fascinated by what it means to be human, and I try to study that in as many ways as I can: philosophy, science, art, mathematics, religion, myth, history, politics, and whatever else looks interesting. Along the way, I hope to tell a few good jokes and stories, do a few good deeds, make a few good things, and love a few good people.

I plan to keep a journal sporadically; rarely writing about current topics, but sometimes about things I've observed, things other people have told me, or things that I wish other people would tell me. There will, of course, be stories and jokes, photographs and poems.